About Me


(Mary Aguilar)

I am a native of Schaumburg, Illinois, but I now reside in Elgin. Sit & Stay Petsitting came to life in June 2001 and I have since incorporated and hired employees to help me keep up with the demand for honest and dependable petsitting.

Ever since I was young, I have loved animals. When I was six years old, my family adopted a black Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix named Gigi.


We added a Schnauzer-Poodle named Muffin in my early teens, and when Muffin gave birth to two beautiful puppies, I was on-hand to watch and help (so was my Mom).


In my early twenties, I adopted a beautiful Chow-Husky from Orphans of the Storm and named her Brandy. Here she is being beautiful (left) and silly (right).   Sadly, she passed on in 2007, after a good long life (14 years) of chasing cats, and keeping me company.

Brandy.jpgBrandyonBack.jpg (22807 bytes)

Cassie, my first cat, also melted my heart. I still miss her. cassie1.jpg

I now live with five adult cats.

Alexis, Ashley, Cubby, June, and Fleaofisis.


alexispaws.jpgAshley.jpg (10416 bytes)

Cubbie upside downJuniper in a ballFleas

Since moving to the Elgin area in 1999, I have occasionally volunteered at Anderson Animal Shelter.  In 2001, I also began working at the Shelter, cleaning cages and caring for cats, dogs, and the occasional rabbit, guinea pig, etc. While employed there, I fostered several kittens, eventually adopting one of them (Louis).

CleaningBlackKitty.jpgB.K. "Black Kitten" wriggles after a bath while brother

O.K. "Orange Kitten" rests his head on a finger.OKsHeadup.jpg


Chia Maria plays with Abigail (also an Anderson kitten!)


After one year, my business grew and I had to stop working there, but I still visit.

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